5 Best PS5 Accessories to Make the Most of Your PS5

5 Best PS5 Accessories to Make the Most of Your PS5

Ever since its release, PS5 has been all the rage in the gaming community, and there is a good reason. PS5 is the most advanced and next-gen console to date, packed with the best functionality that a gaming console can offer. And that is the reason PS5 is still short in supply. But if you have somehow managed to get your hands on this next-gen console, you should absolutely purchase the best gaming accessories for PS5 to improve your gameplay.

In this article, we will list down the best gaming accessories for PS5 and discuss what makes them a must-have! So, let us dive right in, shall we?

5 Best PS5 Accessories to Make the Most of Your PS5


    Since PS5 now offers 4K, you should consider upgrading your UHD TV to a 4K display to make the most of your PS5. As someone who is using PS5 with a 4K TV, let me tell you, the difference is PHENOMENAL. The frame rates are incredibly impressive, the colors are breathtaking, and the overall experience is true to life.

    If you want to go all in with your money, the best 4K TV for PS5 is LG CX 4K OLED TV. Although quite expensive, this TV is one of the very few on the market that offers a 120 Hz refresh rate, allowing seamless transition between graphics. The colors on this display are extraordinarily rich and vibrant, making your gaming experience much more immersive.

    However, the LG CX 4K OLED TV costs between $1400-$1800, which is three times more expensive than the PS5 itself. Therefore, if you do not want to burn a hole in your wallet, you should consider buying a cheaper 4K TV like Samsung UE43TU7100 or TCL 5 Series.

    • Sony DualSense Charging Station

      Sony DualSense Charging Station is a great dock if you own two DualSense controllers. This dock makes charging your controller quite easier by simply dropping it in the dock and picking it up once it has charged.

      The sleek design of this charging station matches the cyber-clam style of the PS5. Therefore, it looks really cool with the controllers. The charging station can fully charge two controllers in just three hours, which is quite impressive considering it charges both the controllers at once.

      At a mere $30, this charging station is an investment worth making if you own two DualSense controllers.

      • Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

        Complete your PS5 gaming setup with Pulse 3D wireless headsets, Sony’s official headsets for PlayStations. This headset is specially designed to max out the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities. With a white and black design, this headset matches the PS5 theme and looks like a part of the PS5 console.

        This wireless headset features adjustable head strap and soft plush earcups that are perfect for binge-gamers. This wireless headset comes 1with noise-cancelling capabilities and can last up to 12 hours wirelessly! What is more, you can adjust the chat and volume settings straight by reaching your headset.

        If you are a part of the PlayStation ecosystem, the Pulse 3D headsets are going to be a great investment for you at $99.99.

        • PS5 Media Remote

          If you use your PS5 to stream Netflix and other media platforms, a PS5 Media Remote is going to prove very handy for you. I know you might be thinking that a DualSense controller should be enough for you. But trust me, a PS5 Media Remote would make your life a lot easier because you can save up your controller’s juice or put it on charging while binge watching your favorite shows.

          This media remote is just like any other TV remote that comes with built-in play and pause, fast forward, and reverse buttons. The remote also has featured buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. It can also be used to turn on or off your PS5 as well as navigate through the menus.

          • PlayStation HD Camera

            Are you a hardcore gamer who likes to stream their gameplays on Twitch or YouTube? If yes, then the PlayStation HD Camera is going to be a must-have for you! This powerful camera comes with a built-in, monochromatic stand that matches the clam-like shell of PS5. So, your camera would look like a mini PS5.

            This camera is packed with a suite of features that allow a powerful streaming experience. With HD image quality and background removal functions, you can conveniently record yourself in high quality while replacing your background. The camera also lets you broadcast using the picture-in-picture with your game.

            At $59.99, this HD camera is going to be a perfect addition to your PS5 arsenal if you are a streamer.

            Final Words

            If you are a PS5 owner looking for accessories to improve your gameplay, these five best gaming accessories for PS5 are sure to prove worthy. Get your hands on these now to max out your PS5 experience. This list is compiled by Michael H. Bayer, a hardcore gaming enthusiast who also owns an online store called Bayer Computer Solutions. 


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